7 Months

Oops we are a bit behind. The text from this post was written at 7 months but I didn’t get a chance to take any photos until now.

7 months

Woo hoo! 7 months has passed us by with not too many changes from last month. Which I am totally okay with, because everything is pretty great right now. She looks like such a big girl to me now, especially when I see little 7 week year olds in my Yoga classes.

Sleep: Still rocking the 2AM feed, with her total sleep time roughly from 7PM-7AM. I feel blessed to have a few hours every evening by myself or with the hubby, even though it does mean if you want to have dinner with us you will be catching the early bird special. I am also excited for the day when she can drop her nightly feeding.

Milestones: Fully sitting up on her own, and can maintain that for awhile although eventually falls over which usually results in a cry fest.  She still hates tummy time and immediately rolls to her back when we try that, so it will be interesting to see how and when she crawls. She LOVES to be standing and enjoys her activity center and standing swing thingy so much. Babbling ba-ba-ba- and da-da-da. It will make me so happy if daddy is her first word since she’s already destined to be a daddy’s girl. Still no teeth, but I swear it will be any day  now. She’s had all the signs of teething for about four months now.

Eating: We have a great eater on our hands so far! I hope it stays this way. One huge blip she hit was getting extremely constipated very easily, (sorry for sharing this with the world Em,) so the types of food we have had to offer her recently are representative of that. She loves eggs, prunes, avocados, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and peas. Peaches and carrots are the two choices she’s not a huge fan of yet. As I write this I realize I need to introduce more vegetables, but we got sidetracked by the P foods (good for the embarrassing issue mentioned above.)


Likes: Continues to love nakkie time and bath time so much it’s hilarious. She’s fairly reserved and quiet but once the clothes come off she is a smiling and giggling baby. I’ll try not to read too much into that. She loves to be tickled and given smooches.

Dislikes: Same as always: car rides, loud noises, and people in her face.

Overall, it’s been a fairly smooth month, not a ton of changes, just more development on what she already has mastered. Even though time feels as if it’s moving lightning fast, it’s so fun seeing each new stage so I try to focus on that.

Can’t wait to see what month 8 brings!

Do Not Regret Growing Older, For It Is A Privilege Denied To Many

It’s my 28th birthday today!

Last year for my Golden Birthday I set 27 goals I hoped to achieve before my 28th birthday. “They” say that you should accomplish 50-80% of you goals, otherwise you’re not setting goals, you’re making a checklist.

I am always reflective around my birthday, and there have been many birthdays where I have felt unsettled by the fact that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in “life,” whether it was related to my career or to the actual physical location.

I feel very grounded at this birthday, perhaps for the first time in years. I am exactly where I want to be, with a lot of things that I have been working towards for literally years finally coming to fruition. I’m sure motherhood has affected me feeling this way as well, as it has helped me stay more present then I was in the past.

Here is a recap of my goals from last year. I hope you find this inspirational, and maybe even take the time to set one new goal for yourself!

Goals Accomplished:

Allow myself time to ease into my new role as Mom.

Buy a house.

Continue to grow as a Yoga student and teacher.

Take baby Simmons on a vacation or weekend trip before his/her first birthday.

Teach a Yoga class with baby Simmons.

Read a book I wouldn’t normally pick out on my own.

Enjoy the journey and transformation that parenthood will take me and the hubby on, without worrying too much.

Take time to smell the roses and sloooow down!

Goals I’m in the Process of Accomplishing or Have Modified Into Smaller Steps: 

Nurse (breastfeed) future baby Simmons for a full year.

Make all my own cleaning supplies.

“Unplug” from FB, Insta, texting and all that technological stuff from 8PM and later each night.

Throw a themed party.

Complete an additional certification to complement teaching Yoga.

Buy all our meat from sustainable, humane suppliers.

Goals That I am Still in the Pursuit Of:

Adopt another rescue dog.

Find a charity I am passionate about and donate my time, energy and money to it.

Learn how to ride a bike places without being scared (yes, seriously.)

Become awesome at making one delicious “signature” dessert, one that friends and family request me to bring to events!

Go with the hubby to a concert that I’ve never heard of.

Take a cooking class with the hubby.

Participate in a charity walk.

Pick a “challenging” sustainable practice to incorporate into our regular lives (already have the reusable grocery bags and glass water bottles, maybe time for eliminating plastic baggies in the house?)

Finish me and the hubby’s pre-baby Adventure Book (scrapbook.)

Get LASIK eye surgery.

Hike 5 new places.

Take a writing workshop.

Finish 5 jigsaw puzzles.

Busy Bee

glor of busy

There have been a few articles floating around this past year or so about stopping the glorification of being busy, and it’s really resonating with me lately, especially because I am the busiest I have ever been.

The articles seem to have the takeaway message that we are choosing to be busy with things that don’t actually matter, and think that we don’t have time for the things that actually do matter.

Now, any new mom (or seasoned mom for that matter) will tell you that kids do add an element of business to your life that can seem unmanageable at times. When I think about adding more kids to the mix, or once activities and school get added to the agenda I sometimes feel a teensy bit of panic about what our life will look like.

I also know that maaaany people feel like they are way too busy, kids or no kids. We have school/work, relationships, our health, hobbies, obligations, etc, etc.

I’ve been working 6 days a week since January, and the hubby and I never have a coinciding day off together. It makes the cost of childcare more affordable but makes it feel impossible at times to clean the house, workout, hang with friends, see our family enough, et., etc.

Sometimes I just feel like I am so.dang.busy.

And I mean, I am! I have many different obligations in life right now, along with personal goals, and important relationships I want to maintain.

But, I realize that there is choice in all of this. And it’s up to me to both make time for the things that are important to me, and also asses whether it’s really necessary to be complaining about the abundance of amazing things in my life.

I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing through life. Although I do have a lot of priorities that pull me in different directions, I am working on removing “I am SO busy right now!!” from my thoughts.

Instead, I repeat…I make it a priority to have _____ in my life, and it helps refocus on why I am doing the task at hand. It also helps me assess if what I am currently doing is productive or not, and manage my time better. (Side note, sometime’s it’s perfectly okay to say “I make it a priority to watch House of Cards with my hubby with a glass of wine in hand!!!” That’s just productive for your soul.)

Anyways. That’s my mantra this week. Stop the glorification of being busy. Can you remove that mindset from your thoughts? See how you feel if you do!

6 Months!

6 month

My little girl has been on this earth for half a year now! 6 glorious, challenging, funny, joyful, exhausting, life changing months.

She is starting to turn into her own little person, and I love it. She can be quite the serious baby and sometimes you really gotta work for a laugh or giggle. Other times, she will laugh easily when I try to dance (every time! I’m starting to feel self conscious), when Penny licks her or when Dad is smooching her neck. Em seems to have a bit of a shy side starting to emerge, which is no surprise to me as I was painfully shy well into high school.

One of the BIG steps we took (at least for me!) was moving her to her room to sleep in her crib. {insert crying emoji here} I really, really, really, really, really wanted her in our room for the first year of her life. She mostly slept in her bassinet but I would bring her into bed for the early morning feeds so we could snooze a little more. And it was perfect. It was so comforting and warm and snuggly. It worked great until 5 months. Then, she started waking from twice a night to three times. Then four times. Then five and six times. It seemed like she was waking up at every little sound we would make. And it seemed like I was waking up every time she so much as twitched a finger.


I was e x h a u s t e d. So we moved her to her own room and it got a teeny bit better. Then we added solids for the first time, which brings me to the next milestone: FOOD 

In her 5 month update I mentioned we wanted to do baby led weaning (essentially give soft but whole food to the baby, let them gnaw/play/feed themselves from the get go.) However, the baby needs to be able to sit up and support themselves to do that, and Emerson was still working on the whole sitting up thing. Meanwhile, she was furiously eating at her night wakings.

So, we decided to add in pureed foods. Started with bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, eggs and peas. She likes most of it except for the peas, and who can blame her!

After moving her to her own room and adding in solids we are back down to 1-2 night feedings, normally around 2AM & 5AM. This is in general though, as we will have 2-3 good days followed by a horrible night with non-stop awakenings. I’m starting to contemplate some sort of sleep training. Not sure yet, just doing some research. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


She has started to truly babble, with ba-ba-ba-ba being the first consonants and she will practice every moment possible. Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear her on the monitor just going at it..ba.ba.ba.ba.baaaa.

Emerson continues to love bath time, nakkie time, her activity center, letting Penny lick her hands, books, listening to records, and being outside. She dislikes car rides, and loud noises which currently include sneezing, blowing your nose, opening up a new trash bag, and brushing teeth with an electronic tooth brush. Nothing scarier in the world then a Sonicare.


Emerson Rose, you are so loved! No just by your parents, but by everyone who meets you.Thank you for giving me the privilege to be your Mama. It is worth every tear and challenge and brings me so much joy and amazement. I am learning and growing so much. But preettttty please sleep tonight, okay? Love you.


Be All There

wherever you are


Found that little quote above and thought it was perfect for this post. It’s not Mantra Monday but this was the soonest I could post. It’s been..woah..6 weeks since my last post?! Those past six weeks have been filled with some exciting career news, a baby who refused to sleep more then 2 hours at a time for a solid 3 weeks, and me getting back into the whole teaching yoga thing.

So. I’ve been busy! And tired. Really tired. And maybe I cried a lot from pure exhaustion. But, I’m trudging back! This was my last week working full time at my “regular” job. Next week I’ll go down to 22 hours a week to open up space for some new endeavors!

I’m going to be teaching 4 Yoga classes a week at Modern Milk, along with heading up their Yoga program and class schedule!

I updated the blog name,  created a Facebook page for myself and, pending some pics I need to take, it should be ready soon. 🙂

Also, I am going to be a monthly contributor to Scottsdale Mom’s Blog, as their yoga and wellness expert!

At times, with what feels like 4 different “jobs,” not including the full time Mommy one, plus a hubby, dog, house, and interests of my own, it feels like I’m running in a million different directions all at once, doing nothing as good as I could be.

So, I’m working on focusing on one task/job at a time. If I’m nursing Emerson to sleep, then I am fully nursing her to sleep, not with my phone in the other hand checking out my emails.

If I’m working on the March yoga schedule then I am only working on that! No Facebook page open in the background. As I’ve rambled on about before, social media can either be an awesome platform of inspiration and new friends, or an destructive way to waste time and feel like everyone is doing a better job at life then you. So, while I’m focusing at the task at hand, I’m trying to avoid the mindless social media troll I’m prone to doing.

Obviously, easier said then done. As I write this post I had to go rock Em to sleep 3 times. And yes. Maybe I opened up my Instragram account while I was contemplating what to write next.

BUT. As long as I keep this mantra in mind it helps me stay focused and on track.

Hope it helps you stay focused in some area of your life too!

Love Thyself

body quote


I’ve had a lot of hate for my body this past year, not so much what it looks like, but because I felt like it failed me in so many ways. I’m working on loving and appreciating it for everything it did (healthy babe!) and everything it continues to do (nourish above mentioned babe + recover from last year.)

Although I also don’t love the way it is looking right now (helloooo stretch marks!) I also am {still} not feeling as good as I want to. I’m working on making lifestyle changes to feel better (January Goals) and also seeing if there is anything else going on now that I’m past that immediate post-partum flurry of hormones.

So, as I work through it all, I am focusing on appreciating my body and being thankful for it and maybe even in awe of it. It did some pretty miraculous things in spite of a lot of setbacks.

For now, I am {trying} to have love for myself.

Emerson Rose-5 Months!

I’m in complete denial that next month baby girl will be half a year…I will probably cry when February 10th hits because it’s going so fast! But, I remind myself how lucky we are to have a healthy, happy baby girl. Here is her 5 month recap!

5 months

Milestones: Holding her head up SO much more steady, continuing to roll tummy to back and now also rolling back to tummy (although not as often.) Reaching for toys, grabbing toys, putting toys in her mouth. Sucking on fingers (although I guess that’s not really a milestone but she sure does love it.)

Likes: Binkys but ONLY in the car, goofy faces from mom and dad, bath time, baby massage after her bath, lazy Saturday morning hangout in the family bed, being read & sang to from her daddy.

Dislikes: Right now she’s just not feeling people other then Mom and Dad, but as long as she can see us she’s usually good being held by others.


She’s drooling a ton now, so possibly cutting a tooth although I think it will be a few more months before it comes through.

We are trying babywearing more and more, especially now that she has full head control. The hubby is awesome at the Moby wrap, and on Sundays when I’m working I love watching them go around the house doing chores together (side note- the hubby would make a great housewife.) I prefer the Ergo and I think once she’s a little bit bigger it will be more comfortable for both of us.

I feel like I can officially say we are doing SO great nursing. Last month I was worried that if I got too excited I would jinx us and set us back. It is truly amazing and I feel like I finally get the bonding experience people talk about. Not only do I get to nourish her myself, I also get to spend special one on one time with her. I feel very proud that we made it this far. I also feel very lucky that the nursing problems resolved. I know not everyone is as fortunate. We both prefer the side laying nursing position which is great since we are usually home-although not so great on the rare occasion we are out in public and trying to nurse.

Overall she is sleeping pretty dang well-although it’s all relative to the week before. She still sleeps for about 12 hours (usually 7-7) but what varies is how many times she wakes up to nurse. We were rocking 1 feeding a night  and I got spoiled/rested. She seems to be creeping back up to 2, but chugs for both of the feedings and goes right back to sleep. So, I don’t plan on trying to get rid of those since she needs them.

Our bedtime routine is bath, coconut oil massage, swaddle, nurse to sleep. It is warm and cozy and full of happiness. Our pediatrician has been urging me to stop the swaddling and nursing to sleep, but right now it is working for all of us.

Next month, or once she’s able to sit up a bit better, we are going to start baby led weaning. (Basic concept=you start with whole, soft feeds so they learn to first chew and then swallow from the get-go.) I would love to avoid purees completely and the logic behind it resonates with me. But, as with anything baby-related we will just see how it goes. If anyone has any tips on this- let me know!


Happy Weekend!